Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To a Los Angeles Anarchist

(Editors' Note: This is a Call that was posted on LA Indymedia last year. It was sent to us to be posted on this blog and we have decided to post it because we  feel it is still very much relevant to the current situation of the anarchist movement in Greater Los Angeles) 

To an LA anarchist
and to those in LA who still dream and scheme.
May we continue to stay afloat in this concrete sea...

Disconnected and disembodied
gridlocked in a social prison.

For years we've aged and lived here, forged in the fires pushed around and tossed about in the blazing heat of Southern California. Waiting, watching and hoping for something to change, for something to happen. Before us and in us we felt isolation and alienation - where were our comrades? Where were the anarchists?

It seemed in the US they only existed in rumors on the evening news or elsewhere - Santa Cruz, San Francisco, the Pacific Northwest, or New England.

Once a rumor and invisible
slowly growing inmpenetrable
The Coming Anarchy, The Coming Community,
The Coming Insurrection.

As the years passed and whatever tattered remnants of anarchism in LA lay to rot, far and wide it bloomed. Anarchism seemingly on the upsurge. Yet here for what seemed forever, yearly anarchist gatherings rehashed the same perspectives, the same tactics, the same workshops. Round and round in circles we went to gatherings designed to create converts rather than meet, greet and scheme.

Disfigured, we must grow
we must take shape and form
How is to be done?
How to find one another?

We cannot wait any longer. There is and will be no Messiah. There is no use in trying to convert as missionaries. We exist and we are of all ages and backgrounds. We must find each other. We must create events, spaces for us to meet monthly, bi-monthly. To meet, greet and scheme. To find commune. To break the lack of age diversity and the dress code. In spaces of neutrality, spaces of comfortability, spaces where we can come out and find each other. From there, all else begins and can begin.

One step at a time... Forward we wade... Towards a new direction.


  1. How to find one another?

  2. whats up??? Im in glassell park ??? anybody interested in starting a fnb program here in the hood? let me know.....

  3. i want to meet anywhere in los angeles anytime, i am an aspiring anarchist who is trapped in this joke of a world we call home. this is my home and will always be but i am not willing to prostitute myself any longer so i can take the fucking bus! i will leave my email, first and foremost so i can be contacted, i have been waiting for years to meet another human being who isnt completely blinded by the fog of capitalistic tyranny. please, please, contact me so we can get begin our "scheme's"
    my name i will leave anonymous for now until i am contacted.

    my email is