Thursday, February 11, 2010

Surprise, Surprise? 11 Arrested at UC Irvine for Protesting Israeli Ambassador

Why are we still surprised when something like this happens?

Why are we surprised when students get arrested for protesting representatives of murderous government? Are we still naive enough to believe in civil government? Do we still believe in their so-called democracy?

We know all about the atrocities of the United States Government, about the suffering, murder and torture perpetrated at home and around the globe each day. Then why? Why are we still surprised when something like this happens? Why?

Last fall, we saw a burdening of consciousness in the universities along the West Coast of California, abroad in Europe and other parts of the world. Knowledge of the function of universities in our societies and their role in social hierarchy and domination met power - the collective power of students! Those in training to be next year's workers and managers of society.

Yes, sadly there were many hoping and praying for reforms. Begging with their bodies for demands to be met. For a chance at having their piece of the pie - the American Dream.

But there were those who looked further and saw an absent future after graduation. Who made no demands and stepped forward and occupied to find each other. To begin scheming to build another world. This is what we need right now! This is what we must do!

Already there are those hoping that by making a hundred phone calls or writing a thousand letters that the eleven brave students will released of their charges. Perhaps they'll get off with a suspension - a mere slap on the wrist. If only we plead and pray...No!

What we need now is direct action not only to show our collective power but also to build a movement towards another world. Let us occupy and blockade to Stand with the UC Irvine Eleven, so that we may all be free!

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  1. How about we ASK what the Irvine 11 want before co-opting their movement?

  2. Hey anon,

    I don't see a contradiction in asking what the Irvine 11 want, standing and acting in solidarity with those wishes as well as going further for ourselves (or at least those interested) in building a movement towards a better world. Specifically a world where we don't put up with this oppression happening to any student let alone anyone. A movement where we're no longer interested in the future offered us - which is no future at all! A movement where we surpass our role as students and future workers and managers in training to build the future we want now.

    - Author of the article above