Monday, April 26, 2010

Working Class? Transfer? Sorry. (Republished from Claremont Solidarity)

In 2009, approximately 40% of community college transfers to four-year universities in the state of California were made by students of ethnic minority.
When identifying the role of Community College in higher learning, it is typically used as a spring board for those who are under prepared for university straight out of high school, to launch into a four-year institution. This is usually due to financial hardship, uncertainty of future interests, or lack of college resources among others. These are all typically hardships faced by working-class, minority students in their aspirations to to seek a college education.
Since, many often work while going through school, Community College is the ideal option for getting credits out of the way for cheap, finding academic interests, and transferring into a four-year institution. Not allowing financial aid to transfers limits the demographic of those who have access to college even further, while also deducting from the culture of a self-proclaimed “diverse” student body.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Chicago Conspiracy Comes to the LA Area!

The Chicago Conspiracy is a documentary three years in the making. This Subversive Action Films project was filmed in Chile, and the story extends into the Mapuche indigenous lands of Wallmapu.

The Chicago Conspiracy takes its name from the approximately 25 Chilean economists who attended the University of Chicago and returned to assist Pinochet’s military regime in imposing free market policies. Departing from the street celebrations by thousands of people after hearing of Pinochet’s death, The Chicago Conspiracy exposes a new vision of the military coup that doesn’t focus on the story of the Allende government. The film looks instead at the current political conflict and the revolutionary political initiatives, social discontent and organizing by combatant youth, politically active neighborhoods, students, families and loved ones of the disappeared and the Mapuche resistance against oblivion, repression, neoliberalism, militarism and authoritarianism.

Film screening will be followed by a discussion with the director. Screening
will be accompanied by a photo exhibit of social struggles in Chile.

Screenings throughout Los Angeles at:

UCLA campus.
Parkin info: Hilgard Ave/ Westholme Ave, Westwood 90095
Public Affairs Building, Room 1234

FRIDAY, MAY 7 at 3:00PM
Dolores Huerta Room (in the Gold Student Center)
Pitzer College.
1050 North Mills Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711

FRIDAY, MAY 7 at 8:30PM
12520 Long Beach Blvd.
Lynwood, CA 902652

at El Centro Cultural de Mexico
310 W 5th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701


Flyers, event posts:!/event.php?eid=111734542192265&ref=ts

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

LA Anarchists Wanted to Participate in an Anarchist Survey

Survey here

Dear friends/comrades/compaƱer@s,
This is a project by some friends who are interested in some of the ideas and backgrounds of modern day anarchists. We thought we would turn this into a global survey so that other people can possibly use it as a reference for studies or debates. As far as we know, such a survey has never been conducted and a lot of our ideas of anarchists are only based on assumptions. Many of us have done informal surveys on Facebook; this, however, can be a much more useful one, if we want.

As anarchists ourselves, we take your concerns of privacy very seriously. We have not asked for your name, address or anything else that can be used by the authorities and furthermore have not included any questions on illegal tactics. If you are nevertheless concerned about certain questions, just don't answer them ;-)

Having spent many years within the anarchist milieu, we also know that certain questions will be hard to answer for some of you. Who wants to admit that they / their parents are rich, for instance? We urge you, however, to fill out this survey as honestly as possible. We won't point fingers at you because we simply won't be able to: it's anonymous!

Please also invite all your anarchist friends and comrades to take this survey. The more people take it, the more useful the results will be.

The survey will take most people 10-20 minutes to complete. We will publish the results on public fora so that you will be able to use the data yourself or spread it.

Thanks a lot!

PS: We know that this survey will be biased towards English-speaking people with internet access. We also know that we can't guarantee that people will fill it out honestly or that only anarchists will fill it out. Finally, we recognize that like any such project, our survey is necessarily incomplete and, to some degree, reflects our own biases and assumptions. Nevertheless, we hope you will engage it with the spirit of camaraderie with which it was created :-)

LAPD Undercovers Sited at Nazi Rally

by Arizona Anarchist

Here are the photos that I took of LAPD undercovers at the 4/17/2010 Nazi Rally at LA City Hall. For the most part the police stood back (including filming and photographing)from the counterprotesters. Early on (prob. around 1:10 or so) I saw one of the undercovers (the hispanic undercover, with bandana, in the first photo) holding a white male and walking him across the street to the L.A. Police Department where he was arrested. Also, at the same time another undercover (whose picture I didn't get) walked a black male across the street as well.

The second and third photos show a group of undercovers (somewhat led by the officer in the SF Giants hat and shirt). They witnessed numerous people throw stuff at the Nazis but didn't really do anything. I just saw the undercover in the SF hat take a photo of someone who threw something, but that was it.

Free Julio! (Julio Now Freed!)


Sisters and brothers,

Our beloved friend and comrade Julio Rodriguez was arrested today 4/17/10 in Downtown Los Angeles, while protesting against white supremacy, by the LAPD. For those of you who do not know Julio he has been involved with Communities For A Better Environment Huntington Park, Anarchist Black Cross Guadalajara, Nahuatl education in Brown communities, and most recently helped organize the April 10th event to raise funds for Oso Blanco and the children of Chiapas. He is being held on the trumped up charge of "Assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer or fireman," which is a felony. His court date is Tuesday 4/20/10; his bail is 50,000 dollars, and he is currently in the LAPD Parker Center, located at 150 N. Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA. His booking number is #2301368. Tomorrow, Sunday, 4/18/10, visiting hours are from 10-12 and 1-3 pm. I will be able to make at least two trips to visit him tomorrow and one on Monday, if anyone has a government issued ID and wants to carpool, please contact me at . I will post the court time, address, and room number as soon as the information becomes available to me. It is crucial that as Anarchists, anti-imperialists, anti-racists, and anti-fascists we support our friend behind enemy lines, as well as his family, offering our aid in any way possible. Please circulate this message.



Los Angeles Anarchist Black Cross



Sisters and Brothers,
Today 3 of us went to the LAPD Parker Center in downtown Los Angeles to visit our brother behind enemy lines but unfortunately Parker Center only allows one visitor per day, which we were unaware of. For those wondering how Julio is doing, know that he is staying strong and positive regarding his situation and as suspected, the charge of "Felony Assault With A Deadly Weapon On An Officer" is indeed trumped up, as the original charge was intended to be "Misdemeanor Battery" until Julio's possessions were tampered with. It is important that we recognize Julio as political prisoner, and that as members of the movement he represents we are obligated to support him. For those wondering how to support Julio please spread the word and be prepared for benefit events and fundraisers. At the moment we are currently trying to find legal council for our brother as well as provide the means for people to donate as well, which I will post as time permits. I was told that Julio's first court date is Tuesday April 20th, and that he most likely will be transferred from Parker Center to Division 30, located on Temple St. between Spring and Broadway, so I will keep people posted on both his court date and transfer. He has asked that people try to make it out to his court dates to support him.
He has requested a reduction in bail, which is currently set at 50,000 dollars and we should have an estimate of what we are up against in regards to this after April 20th. Until then please, please, please spread the word that our brother is in dire need of support and be prepared to contribute in any way you can. If anyone knows of any lawyer that would be interested in taking the case, any fundraising ideas, any means to contribute, or is interested in receiving updates please contact me at

Spread the word and be ready to mobilize for our brother Julio.



Today Julio Rodriguez, the activist who was arrested combating white supremacists on 4/17/10 in downtown Los Angeles, was freed from the Central Arraignment Jail located at 429 Bauchet St. After many hours of waiting we finally saw Julio go before the judge and through his public defender his charges were dropped. Julio can speak more about this on his behalf, its slightly more complex than this but be assured that he is not going to do any time. We would like to thank anyone and everyone who contributed to the liberation, support, and solidarity efforts surrounding Julio's case.

Thank you all who supported and helped to form this coalition to liberate our loved one, friend, brother, son, and comrade.
Free all political prisoners!

=Coalition to Free Julio Rodriguez=

Rodriguez Family
Anarchist Black Cross Federation
Anti-Racist Action
Communities for a Better Environment
Youth Justice Coalition
Copwatch LA
Mexico City ABC
Chicago ABC
Revolutionary Autonomous Communities
Guillermo Suarez
Citizens In Action
And everyone else who contributed on an individual basis.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Compendium of Action (Republished from Claremont Solidarity)

Thursday April 15th, 2010

We here at Claremont Solidarity have many revolutionary duties besides writing blog posts – organize, escalate, write senior theses – and these have lately taken precedence over reporting on the continuing struggle of the Pomona College dining hall workers. In brief then, here is what has happened over the past week or so:

On April 6th, worker organizer Maria ‘YoYo’ Garcia debated Karen Sisson, Pomona vice president and treasurer, in a panel forum along with three faculty. The Rose Hills Theater at Pomona College was packed with supportive students wearing orange armbands and buttons, while a crowd of workers held signs in the audience. The debate was an embarrassment for the administration, which was clearly not expecting or ready to be so directly challenged by the workers themselves so publicly. The full two-hour long video can be seen here. A highlight is YoYo telling Karen Sisson that all of the benefits the workers have gotten as workers where won through their own struggle, and not the good will of the administration.

A couple days after the public debate, workers walked off the job in the dining halls in a coordinated break-time action. Dining hall workers took their half hour breaks at the same time and marched out of the dining halls together, leading a short worker-only march through the campus.

Shortly after the walkout, workers took over an anti-union meeting, refusing to be intimidated and speaking out against the attempts of the managers to make them listen to anti-union propaganda.

The coalition of students and workers has begun expanding to include the Ohlone tribe, a local indigenous group that is also fighting for recognition. The Ohlone youth have exhibited a militancy that far exceeds the student members of Claremont Solidarity. Workers and student organizers are to be guests of honor at the upcoming Ohlone pow wow.

Ohlone Chief Tony Cerda, with button and armband, in the struggle

Today, April 15, workers again staged a breaktime walkout, this time leading a march of about 150 students to the Pomona College administration building. The march was led by a large banner painted by Ohlone youth. During the march, a representative from a filming crew that was using the elite environs of the college quad to shoot a commercial addressed the marchers with the request that they keep it quiet so that the commercial could be filmed. Students and workers responded with noise.

Claremont Solidarity updates will continue to be unreliable until thesis dates and final exams are past, or until the revolution is won.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Police Raid NY Anarchist Film-Fest Collective

For Immediate Release
April 14, 2010

for more info contact announce (at)

Yesterday, April 13 in Brooklyn NY, the NYPD entered without a warrant 13 Thames Art Space, a Bushwick based art and performance space where members of the Independent Anarchist Media (I AM) Collective have been organizing the Fourth Annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival in honor of Brad Will (

Two plainclothes detectives entered first, followed quickly by a Lieutenant and vans full of blue shirt officers. After corralling everyone present in the back room, they searched the space and detained and
arrested two members of the collective.

The I AM collective was preparing for the NYC Anarchist Film Festival, a showcase of resistance movements and insurrectionary events from around the world presented from an anarchist and anti-authoritarian perspective.

The I AM collective issued the following statement following the raid:

"regardless of these attacks, the film festival will happen as planned on Friday April 16, 2010 at Judson Memorial Church. The voice of decentralized creative communities will not be silenced by police
repression. They cannot stop us with illegal raids and targeted harassment, because we are everywhere."


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Call for Solidarity for Imprisoned Anarchist Giannis Dimitrakis

by Assembly for Solidarity (Athens, Greece)

In light of the appeal on April 28th 2010, we call out for actions of solidarity everywhere.
It's been more than four years since the morning of January 16th 2006, when the anarchist Giannis Dimitrakis was arrested, heavily wounded by police fire, after a robbery at a branch of the National Bank in the center of Athens.

From the very first moment a storm of constructed information broke out, systematically supplied by the police and readily carried out by the mass media. The police constructed "the gang of thieves in black," so that other comrades could be named as members, to which was attributed a string of robberies but also a close association to armed revolutionary groups, and then it was proclaimed that the whole of the anarchist- anti-authoritarian movement is closely connected to organized crime !! Gianni's arrest, the slander and the manhunt unleashed against his three supposed accomplices (which were later on declared wanted for astronomic rewards) - four comrades known for their many years of political activity - on the one hand aims for their legal annihilation and on the other, promotes a holistic plan of stripping of meaning and criminalization of anarchists, anti-authoritarians and class struggle.

Because of his political identity, the state moved with rage against him from the first moment. Parallel to the crescendo of misinformation and impression creating by the media, the district attorney tried to interrogate him in the emergency room while he was bedridden and under pharmaceutical influence. The categories against him were based on the "anti-terror" law and enriched with six unsolved robberies, attempted manslaughter and money laundering. He was probably the first man in custody to be held at Malandrino maximum security prison, which is intended to hold convicts only, while attacks by prison guards, vindictive transfers and disciplinary sentences, the exhausting sentence of the first trial (an unheard of for a robbery sentence of 35 years) and the provocative deprivation of basic rights for the preparation of his defense at the court of appeals supplement the oppressive aggressiveness against him.

In these extreme conditions, the comrade defended from the beginning his choice to expropriate a bank, without statements of remorse and with clarity as towards his motives and intentions. He gave meaning to his act as a moment in his critique and action against the system of wage slavery and exploitation, against the antisocial role of the banks and as a part of the polymorphic social struggle.

Furthermore, in the wretched reality of the prisons, he stood dynamically and with dignity from the beginning. He participated in all of the prisoner's struggles happening the past years in Greece. Advancing to hunger strikes and abstinence from the prison meals - despite the permanent health problems given him by the cop's bullets - showing his solidarity for his fellow prisoners and fighting for the terms of his survival and existence in the difficult position of imprisonment. Along with other imprisoned anti-authoritarians he was an interactive channel of communication with the grandiose prisoner's movements in the fall of 2008.

All these reasons - and because Giannis Dimitrakis and the other three wanted anarchists are some of us, comrades and co fighters in the diversity of the struggles for freedom - fired off a mass of actions of solidarity and political defense for them in many cities in Greece. From the posters, texts and brochures to the flyers, banners and slogans on walls and from the attack actions against banks, other economic targets or government vehicles to the massive presence of people at the public events in the amphitheaters, the march in the center of Athens and the demonstrations outside of the prisons of Malandrino, Koridallos, Neapolis and Alikarnasso, the anarchists and anti-authoritarians made clear the way in which they respond to their comrades being held hostage by the state.

The appeal will be on April 28th, where the decision against our comrade will be finalized. Four years after his arrest, four years after the start of this particularly repressive undertaking, one year and some months after the December revolt, the state's constant and manic attempt to oppress, marginalize and criminalize the people of the struggle is becoming all the more clear. Our key weapon against this policy is active solidarity with all means possible.

The appeal of Giannis Dimitrakis is very important, as much for the legal outcome of his case, as for if we will allow the state's manipulations and experiments against us to flourish.

In light of the appeal on April 28th 2010, we call out for actions of solidarity everywhere. Collectives and comrades are organizing marches and actions for Tuesday April 27th, throughout Greece. However it would be significant if you also could organize actions for that day (or some day near to it) in your cities and your countries, for example demonstrations outside of Greek embassies or consulates. Many such actions would send a specific message of solidarity and would be important to us.

With comradely greetings,

Assembly for Solidarity

Monday, April 5, 2010

April 1st occupation scare at Pomona College (Republished from Claremont Solidarity)

Friday April 2nd, 2010

On the evening of March 31st, the communication channels between the Claremont Colleges administrations were alight with worried tales of anarchy and occupation. The deans of Pitzer College communicated to their southern colleagues at Pomona College that the next day a mass of Pitzer anarchists would be marching to the Pomona administration building to lock down and take over. Pomona deans were so worried that they called multiple student organizers that night attempting to avert the expected strike.

What fool occupies on April 1st?

The threat manifested itself in the form of two anarcho-syndicalists who arrived in President Oxtoby’s office on a tandem bicycle, partially unclothed but extremely classy conscious, to deliver a stack of signed petitions and a thoughtful card. The card read, “I thought of you today, I thought of you yesterday. I’ll think of you tomorrow.” It bore a handwritten note,
Happy April 1st! You’re doing a heckuva job Oxie.
The time will come.
- Direct Action Claremont

With President Oxtoby still outright rejecting the demands of the dining hall workers for a fair process to establish an independent union, the college has good reason to be afraid of militant action. And good reason to grow some intelligence if they intend to fight the union with anything more than jittery nerves.

Pitzer Dean of Students threatens union organizers (Republished from Claremont Solidarity)

Wednesday March 31st, 2010

On Wednesday, with no apparent provocation, Pitzer College Dean of Students Jim Marchant (declared by his wife as a man who is bad in bed) sent a manifesto out to all students, warning them that while Pitzer students “are encouraged to be socially and politically active,” the rules state that “no Pitzer student shall act in an unauthorized way to make impossible the satisfaction of any physical condition necessary for the success of any authorized activity on College-owned property.” Those who do disturb the physical conditions necessary for the maintenance of capital and exploitation face “sanctions ranging from a warning to expulsion from the College.”

The context of this threatening message is a growing labor conflict that grows rapidly closer to coordinated workplace action as President Oxtoby continues to ignore the demands of the dining hall workers. With no other campus cause to bring students out to protest, it is clear that Marchant’s message is a pre-emptive move against those students who will be walking the picket lines with the workers.

The workers in the Pomona dining halls are already risking their jobs by publicly organizing for a union. Those students who stand in solidarity with the workers know that they are necessarily also standing in struggle against the bosses and college administrations, and they know that the college will treat them as enemies as well. The privilege that Claremont students hold shields them from the kinds of dangers the workers face, but nonetheless, victory will not come without risks, and it will not come without the threats of Dean Marchant being carried to fruition.

Follow the post for Marchant’s full message.

Dear Pitzer Students:

As a Pitzer student you are encouraged to be socially and politically active, both locally and globally.  At the same time, you are encouraged to do so in an informed and responsible manner, one that is consistent with our community values and our educational objective of social responsibility.

It is with this in mind that I write to you on the subject of policies regarding protests and demonstrations at Pitzer and The Claremont Colleges.  The Claremont Colleges have a shared policy regarding demonstrations on College-owned property.  It is posted below and is on pages 78-79 of the 2009-10 Pitzer College Student Handbook at:

Furthermore, as part of the Code of Student Conduct, Pitzer has a policy regarding interference with college activities.  This policy is on page 58 of the 2009-10 Pitzer College Student Handbook and is as follows:  “Interference with College activities.  No Pitzer student shall act in an unauthorized way to make impossible the satisfaction of any physical condition necessary for the success of any authorized activity on College-owned property (by College-owned property we understand property owned jointly or individually by any of The Claremont Colleges, or property of any facility or institution owned by or affiliated with the Colleges).”  Keep in mind that violations of the Code of Student Conduct carry sanctions ranging from a warning to expulsion from the College.

Please read both policies closely and think carefully before deciding to take action.  You should know that if you choose to take action on another Claremont campus, officials there can determine what is considered “non-peaceful” or “disruptive,” and they can involve Campus Safety or local law enforcement.

Again, please be mindful of our community values and educational objectives as you express yourself.

Jim Marchant
Dean of Students
Vice President for Student Affairs

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Student Movement That Never Was

by John

Premise I: Contrary to the Skeptics, Movements DO exist but ONLY when they encompass and resonate with societies as a WHOLE.

This past Fall and during some of the Winter there was a small social uprising along the West Coast primarily concentrated at higher education public universities. (Much information at: Some of us who participated would like to believe that it was a well-sized phenomenon, but to many who attended those universities while actions were taking place and to the general population at large, they were small, generally isolated protests for the "students".

"Oh, those 'students', always complaining about themselves."

The reality is that the image portrayed of this small social phenomenon was one isolated to those playing the role of "student". Yes, there were moments in time in which the social uprising spread out of that box. Make no mistake, I am proud of the fury, rage, and protest that took place. I am not wishing it never happened. I only wish to point out what should be obvious by now - that it was not a Movement, only something akin to a Temper Tantrum.

As soon as the initial spontaneous wave and resonance of actions died down, the activists (bureaucrats, student activists, non-student activists, etc) came out and began to suck dry the energy and fury, relinquishing the potential to encompass society as a whole.

Premise II: As soon as the activist tames and dominates any social uprising, the opportunity for Movement is lost. The activist is like a vampire, lurking in the darkness of the status quo. When they strike, they suck the potential out of an uprising, hosting meeting after meeting, conference after conference, and evoking like a sacred ritual, the holy label of "Movement".

It has not been said enough. Beware of the activist. Beware of the bureaucrat. Do not put your faith in meetings. Do not put your faith in conferences. There may be those involved in these realms who are dying to be defected and released from its vampiric grip, but remember to steel yourself.

The moment in which they are dominating the tension and uprising is the moment they are digging a grave for the potential of Movement. The moment in which they dub the actions in hindsight as part of the "_________ Movement" is the moment in which they are putting the nail in the coffin. For this particular social uprising, the term was "Student Movement" and like monks they evoked this phrase and will continue to evoke the phrase until all rebellion is crushed. Every uprising is their Christ and they gladly sacrifice Him time and time again.

Where is their weakness? What can we do? Where is our silver bullet, our stake, our garlic?

Do not be deceived, even if a social uprising does encompass a society as a whole, you can be sure they will still rise out of the catacombs. Some say to ignore them and press onward, agitating for complete social revolution. Let them feed on themselves. Others have devised their own incantations: "Student Movement? What Student Movement!?"...

Premise III: It is the duty of the Anarchist to concern themselves with the betterment of society. This means no distinction between politics and everyday life. This also means doing whatever is in their power to help conjure Movement - to dispatch all obstacles strategically and create a state of Anarchy, a seemingly irreversible state in which the tricks of the State, Capital, and all forces conspiring against Anarchy only hasten their downfall and Communism* flourishes.

So what is our role? Where do we go from here?

Within the Belly of the Beast things seem difficult. There is mass alienation and isolation. For a long time now we no longer feel connected as a society. We have been divided so we can be conquered and it has worked thus far.


If the Anarchist is concerned with the betterment of society (obviously from an Anarchist Ethics & Perspective) and building real community, real connections, real solidarity, and real interactions...WE COULD NOT BE IN A BETTER SITUATION.

When the majority of the population no longer trust the government, their neighbors, capitalism, or the media but put up with these things as a matter of fatalism...THEN WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BY AGITATING AND BEING PUBLIC ABOUT WANTING A BETTER SOCIETY.

From this vantage point there is an open landscape of paths to take. There almost aren't even paths to take, everything begins to blur into everything else.

The Student Movement never was and that's fine. There will be more cuts, layoffs, price increases, and foreclosures all around as capitalism continues to function. There are opportunities everywhere. There are connections begging to be made everywhere to encompass society.


"Anarchism is not a concept that can be locked up in a word like a gravestone. It is not a political theory. It is a way of conceiving life. And life, young or old as we may be, is not something definitive: it is a stake we must play day after day. When we wake up in the morning and put our feet on the ground we must have a good reason for getting up. If we don't it makes no difference whether we are anarchists or not. We might as well stay in bed and sleep."

- The Anarchist Tension, Alfredo Bonanno

*: Communism as in the act of living in communism. A state of true community, sharing; of interconnectedness. NOT State/Authoritarian Communism or Socialism government.