Monday, May 17, 2010

Calling All LA Anarchists: Anti-Racist Rally in Riverside! (Dispatch from the So-Cal Anti-Racist Network)

(Editors' Note: We have received a few e-mails questioning the validity and reliability of the information below. If you, dear reader, are also experiencing this suspicion, feel free to e-mail the So-Cal Anti-Racist Network at Socal.Antiracist(at) or us at LAanarchist(at) for further information.)

Calling All LA Anarchists
Dispatch from the So-Cal Anti-Racist Network:

Join the Southern California Anti-Racist Network to shutdown the Nazis in Riverside, CA on Saturday May, 29 at 11:30 am.

What: Anti-Racist Rally to Disrupt Nazi Meeting

Where: Nazi Leader Jeff Hall's Riverside Home

Protest location: 5416 Lauder Court, Riverside, CA 92507

When: Saturday, May 29, 2010 11:30am (Memorial Weekend)

Jeff Hall is Sergeant of the National Socialist Movement (NSM). Hall uses his Riverside, CA home as the headquarters of the largest Neo-Nazi hate group in the United States, NSM.

Let's SHUT DOWN the Nazis!!

The last Saturday of each month Jeff Hall and his fellow Nazis gather at his home for their monthly NSM meetings.

Their "secret location" is no longer a secret!

Hall and NSM white supremacist JT Ready organized the Los Angeles gathering of Neo-Nazis in April, and worked to pass Arizona's racist SB 1070.

Let Hall know that his racist organizing will NOT be tolerated in Riverside or ANYWHERE!

Hall’s Home Address: 5416 Lauder Court, Riverside, CA 92507
Hall’s Cell Phone # 619-300-8743
Hall’s Email: &


Southern California Anti-Racist Network


*This event is strictly a NON-VIOLENT peaceful event. Do not bring weapons*


  1. LA @anti-authoritarians / @nti-fascists! We need you help in the IE. These Nazis are using the IE to build a base. Hope some LA folks can make it out to this important event!


  2. Retraction from Kevin Akin

    I got suckered. After a phone call just before 2 am this morning from a frantic organizer of the planned demonstration next week, I was sent various photographs that do show Nazis meeting and saluting in the front and backyards of the house at 3416 Lauder Court. I don't know who owns the house, and I don't know whether Jeff Hall lives there or not, but he certainly has
    conducted meetings there - and a car in which he has attended Nazi rallies is parked in the driveway as I write this.
    The pleasant young woman with whom I spoke yesterday morning clearly lied to me, and I believed her. Sorry about that. (She was very plausible, and her darling little two-year old daughter no doubt added verisimilitude. I
    shudder to think what this little girl is being raised to believe.)
    So please disregard everything I wrote yesterday morning. Adequate proof has been provided to me that I was wrong, and I withdraw my statement. I do want to throw in a word of criticism that may help the organizers of
    this event in the future. Having no one to call listed on the announcement, even under a pseudonym with a throw-away cell phone obtained for the occasion, made it impossible for a prudent person to verify anything they
    said. (Prudent people do not sent e-mails to suspect addresses.) There are people who are willing to have their names listed for anti-Nazi events, and some such person should have been recruited to act as a contact, perhaps in LA. They were a little too secret about their preparations, and I did ask many local anti-Nazis about this, only to find that none of them knew anything about it. Some should have been tipped off. And they should do their research on local ordinances before, not after, announcing a demonstration. The local code in Riverside forbids demonstrations in front of residences, and they should announce (and I hope do soon announce) the
    actual intended location of the demonstration, which cannot be in front of the house or on tiny Lauder Court.
    It appears likely that the location of Jeff Hall's house that I learned some while back is of a former house. I cannot confirm this, but I was just told that he moved around the time of our first big anti-Nazi rally in Riverside
    last year.
    Kindly please forward this correction and apology to the same folks to whom you sent my clearly inadequate first-hand research yesterday. Sorry about that. -Kevin AkinFolks

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  5. How's Jeff Hall doing? Oh that's right, not too well.