Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Worker Delegation Swells to Spontaneous Walkout (Republished from Claremont Solidarity)

Monday March 15th, 2010

A four person delegation of workers organized to deliver a letter to President Oxtoby turned into a short walkout today when the entire dining hall spontaneously decided to leave work and join the delegation. All 16 workers who where on shift at the time left the dining hall empty and took the letter to Alexander Hall. President Oxtoby was not to be found in his office, so the letter was left with his secretary.

The letter expressed the workers’ rejection of the College’s attempts at intimidation that have occured over the past week: a mandatory un-announced anti-union meeting, promising concessions to dissuade workers from organizing and discouraging workers from talking to each other about the union with threats of punishment for ‘employee-to-employee intimidation.’ The letter strongly re-iterated the demand for a card-check neutrality agreement, which the administration continues to reject without consideration or negotiation.

We are all ready for coordinated industrial action to secure workers’ rights. If a small delegation can turn into a walkout without any planning or advance notice, then the future certainly has the potential to bring wild things.

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